About us

About us

Our commitment has always been aimed at finding innovative solutions to improve the performance and enhance the quality of our systems.

This business philosophy brought OPEM to the highest levels of technology, capable of meeting the production developments the market demands, while maintaining detailed attention to its products.

Our History

OPEM S.P.A has its roots in the area of Parma, and from there has taken off towards international markets. Founded by Fabio Binacchi in 1974, OPEM's history is that of a family-run small-size company. It all started with the purchase of a pasta business: this has laid the foundations of the future Opem.

In the beginning years there are only ten employees and the coffee market is still far away on the horizon, but requests for new weighing and packaging machines keep on coming and this brings the company to study and design new systems that can be used also in different sectors. Binacchi starts working for third parties and becomes interested in packaging not only pasta and biscuits (which has never been completely abandoned), but also coffee.

In the Eighties OPEM works with important customers such as Barilla and Kimbo, and over the years it expands its horizon also abroad, as many companies choose to rely on Opem. The arrival of pods and capsules in a rapidly booming market gives the company the opportunity to growth and expand, thanks to foresight and the production of very flexible systems that can be customized to meet many customers' requests.

In 1984, the company moves to Parma's industrial area, and employs 105 workers.

After more than three years of construction, in September 2014 Opem Spa new plant is inaugurated in Parma's industrial area. This sends a clear message of continuity and confidence in the company's know-how and speaks of its great openness towards the future.

Coffee bag with resealable cap application


Machine for coffee pods in aluminium foil (Nespresso Pro®)


Machine for capsules 1200 PPM


Machine for single serve Cookies


Machine for tea capsules 420PPM


Machine for capsules 1000 PPM


Machine for K-CUP all-in-one 750 PPM


Machine for capsules 300 PPM


Machine for pods in filter paper 1000 PPM


Machine for pods in filter paper 500 PPM


Machine for pods in filter paper 300 PPM


First machine for Nespresso® capsules Compatible 100 PPM


Machine for coffee vacuum bags 120 PPM


Machine for pods in filter paper 150 PPM


First machine for hard capsules (Sara Lee UK)


Company setup


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